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Got Slaps water mark pack


  • Design 

  • PNG file to watermark your pics 

  • 1 pair of D-Sleeves

  • Shipping via EMAIL

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Got Slaps starter pack


  • Design 

  • PDF and PNG file to watermark your pics

  • 125 vinyl die-cut stickers  3"x 3" 

  • 1 pair of D-Sleeves

  • Free Shipping U.S only

Got Slaps BIG Deal


  • Design

  • PDF and PNG file to watermark your pics

  • 200 vinyl  die cut stickers 3"x 3"

  • One pair of D-Sleeves

  • 2 T-shirts with your LOGO or Design

  •  Custom Banner 39" x 55"

  • Free Shipping U.S. only

Any typography design use from a different  author or designer will have a $20 charge or a donation fee to its copyright author or designer,  for usage of the font; unless is design by Weld Devils . 


Weld Devils and Got Slaps keeps original files, for security and backup reasons. If file is lost or deleted, feel free to contact us for another copy, a $60 fee will be apply. Weld Devils also has the rights of  exclusive usage for our pages on social media and official site

Incase design needs to be modify or change, a $80 modification fee will be applied. All font designs are purchase or a donation was given to the author of the font for usage, unless is design by Weld Devils. All design are original and unique by Weld Devils